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Spanish Classes
Preparation for Spanish This one-credit class prepares you, in English, for the level 1 Spanish class. It is specifically designed for students with no prior language experience and/or may be hesitant to begin level 1. $480   1.0
Spanish Levels 1-10 Take an online Spanish class with Berlitz through the ITCAP Program. In just a few weeks, you will learn Spanish in a fun and energetic immersion course. No hours spent conjugating verbs here - you will be speaking Spanish from day one! $1680   4.0
Private Classes for English Pronunciation
Pronunciation Enhancement  The goal in the Pronunciation Enhancement course is to neutralize the student’s accent and eliminate sounds one has carried over from their native language. This course includes high-level pronunciation, intonation and fluency work. The idea is to make oral production more fluid, clear and accurate within a business context. $4020   4.0
Presentation Skills Many skills practiced in this course are techniques that native speakers learn in similar courses. One of the primary differences is that there will be a heavy emphasis on eliminating incorrect sounds and patterns one has carried over from their native language. $4020   4.0
Professional Business Vocabulary and Socializing In this course, Berlitz focuses on specific “bad habits” in word order and grammar in order to fine tune written expression, fluency and speaking accuracy. The exercises in the curriculum will target very specific structures and attempt to reverse habits carried over from one’s native language. $4020   4.0
Professional Business Communication This course allows the student to build confidence by incorporating a wider selection of words into one’s working vocabulary. The exercises in the curriculum facilitate clearer expression of ideas and more concise explanations in a spontaneous manner. Emphasis ranges from social to more professional contexts. $4020   4.0
Other Language Classes
Other language classes available. Please call us at 877-877-0122 for more information.

We put learning to work.  877-877-0122