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Who we are:
ITCAP is a leader in facilitating workforce development through training and education. Teaming up with Human Resources (HR) and training/development professionals, ITCAP uses its extensive network of educational partners to deliver classes designed to meet corporate goals. ITCAP has a successful model, with scalability, to provide a nationwide workforce initiative solution that reduces work: One contract, one curriculum, one price for required training or for classes taken using tuition benefits. You define the need and the metrics to measure ROI. We create and launch the critical workforce programs tailored to the company, on the company’s timeline. ITCAP delivers results though our unique model of public/private partnerships. These partnerships help workers earn the credentials and skills needed to position the company and its workforce for success.

Since launching nationwide in 1997 with an innovative partnership with Pima Community College, ITCAP has become a recognized leader in developing, administering and assessing results-based educational programs. One of ITCAP’s jobs is to help students succeed.

What we do:
ITCAP has built an extensive content library around a single focus: Customer need. We have provided more than 900 industry skill courses for credit and non-credit options; chances are we have a program that meets your performance goals. If not, we’ll find one. Or, we’ll create one.

ITCAP exceeds all industry standards. We work with excellent, experienced instructors. ITCAP is equipped to provide expert collaboration however broad or specific an individual company’s needs may be. We support academic degree-based learning, non-credit training, and career-track internal advancement programs.

Our range of curricula includes, but is not limited to:
  • Customer Service IT &
    Technical Telecommunications
  • Berlitz Conversational
    Language Classes
  • Leadership
  • New Hire Orientation
  • Management Development
  • Performance Management
  • Professional Development
  • Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sales
  • Safety
  • Solar

The cost of workforce development can weigh heavily on the bottom line. That’s why ITCAP is clearly focused on maintaining quality controls and cost containment. Because we provide single-vendor access to a broad spectrum of learning curricula, ITCAP delivers both cost and manpower efficiencies. Vendor management is our headache not yours. You write one contract, not dozens. Accounting receives a simple, consolidated, electronic bill. Monthly reports track your investments in learning.


 A+ Technician
A+ certified technicians have the knowledge to support customers and keep them happy. The stage is set to progress towards higher-level support on more complex systems.

Berlitz Speak Spanish

 Language Classes
Berlitz Class
ITCAP has partnered with Berlitz to provide conversational language classes. For over 130 years Berlitz has been committed to helping the world communicate through leadership and innovation in language and cultural services. Berlitz and ITCAP have a similar goal - the success and satisfaction of our students. To learn more about Berlitz classes call 877.877.0122.

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